sponsorship consulting

A strong partnership portfolio helps your brand gain direct access to your target market and build long-term relationships. Sponsorship is an integral part of a company's marketing mix; it is unique among marketing strategies as it touches each stage of the consumer buying process, and it provides access to your target audience through multiple channels.

We help you spend your money the right way.  Our consultants:

  • Audit your current sponsorship portfolio
  • Conduct marketplace assessments
  • Develop your partnership strategy, including integration with your marketing strategy and overall business objectives
  • Research best-fit sponsorships and partnerships based on your objectives
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Develop activations

portfolio management

We ensure ROI.  

Too often companies pay for benefits they do not receive due to lack of planning, resources and time.  We make certain your benefits are realized and delivered, and we will show you how to leverage your portfolio for maximum impact to drive business results.  We:

  • Audit your partnerships and activations
  • Manage benefits
  • Align benefits to strategy
  • Track results so you can see what  works and what doesn’t



Activation can make or break your sponsorship.  No other promotional activity can provide your brand better consumer engagement.  Properly executed activations are the most effective way to build brand loyalty.

We customize activations through appropriate channels (social media, internal communications, PR, traditional media and hospitality), ensuring your partnership is aligned with and supports your overall brand strategy.  We manage all stages of the activation process, from development to promotional integration to post-campaign reporting.